May 7, 2019 Testimonials

I was a desperate Mother; I had a week to organise a solicitor for my son who was locked up in a Kalgoorlie prison for a charge of act and omission and a breach of AVO before I flew back to Victoria.

Our 1st solicitor said in short going to cost you between $60,000 t0 100,000 for a trial and it will go to trial! Panic stations pretty much no hope. The lawyer represented him in court on one occasion and phone calls, emails etc …. $3000 later and then he said he was not going to take the case and he won’t get bail he’s stuffed. I was shocked, a broken mum.

So back to the internet I went, read reviews of solicitors and found a review of Curt Hofmann so I sent this man a very long email outlining all the details etc. His office girl Angela rang me and made a phone appointment with Curt where we went through it all, he said:

1. Why is he locked up?
2. We have to get him bail and they did! We put up surety.

Curt words to me that morning “this is my passion this is what I do, its just not a job to me I’m passionate about each job”. How true were his words to me.

Curt was knowledgeable, honest and committed to getting the best outcome. When Curt took our case, we had seen that he is a patient, concise, professional and dedicated. His expertise in guiding us through these arduous times was invaluable and very much appreciated.

His tactful and detailed approach through all those difficult turns deserves 10 thumbs up.

When Curt called my son to tell him that his case has been dropped after being adjourned several times –– you have literally changed my young man’s life. I was relieved I could finally sleep at night again.

You don’t know how much your support and professionalism and talent has meant to our family. We now have our son/brother back.

Many many thanks.
Kind Regards,
Elizabeth Dennis