February 26, 2020 Testimonials

Dear Curt and team,

First and foremost, I would like to thank you for the wonderful service that you provided to me.
I was at my lowest point in life when I walked into your office.

When I called to make an appointment, whoever answered the phone was polite, very kind and made me feel that I had come to the right place for help.
On the day of my first appointment, despite all the anxiety and uncertainty, I was well received and made to feel safe and welcome.

When I first met Curt, after a few minutes of talking to this legend, my fears evaporated and for the first time in a very long time, I felt safe and reassured regarding my future. That night, I had my very first relaxing sleep after many days!

You see, I am an immigrant from a 3rd world country and facing a criminal charge in the ‘west’ was very intimidating!

After a few minutes with Curt, I felt reassured and secure and safe!

Meeting Curt and interacting with him restored my faith in a fair justice system. Previously, I had watched a lot of legal series’ on TV. I have to say that Curt elevated my respect of the legal profession to new heights!

Above all, Curt is humane, friendly, fair and forthright!

Curt, I thank you! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!! If all lawyers were like you, the world would be better off than it is!

Right now, Curt is my HERO!