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Curt Hofmann, Criminal Lawyer Perth, Trial at District Court

Curt Hofmann

Curt Hofmann is the principal of Curt Hofmann & Co and has practiced as a barrister and solicitor in all jurisdictions in Western Australia.

He brings with him over 35 years' experience in all aspects of criminal and traffic law. Curt is also a member of the panel of lawyers for the Director of Public Prosecutions and a member of the panel of lawyers for Legal Aid, a member of The Law Society of Western Australia Criminal Law Committee and a member of the Criminal Lawyers Association of Western Australia. As a frequent competitor on the ironman triathlon circuit (now retired) and a senior legal practitioner, Curt is a strong believer in the pursuit of excellence both in body and mind. It is this dedication that he brings to all aspects of his work.

Gretta Draper

Gretta Draper is a solicitor at Curt Hofmann and Co.

Gretta has bachelor degrees in laws and international relations and a Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice all obtained from the Australian National University in Canberra. Gretta moved to Perth in 2010 to undertake employment at Legal Aid Western Australia where she worked predominately in Criminal Law, representing clients in a range of matters including traffic and criminal offences. Gretta has a strong interest in criminal law and litigation, in addition to an interest in the achievement of social justice. She is a firm believer in the creation of policy and legal environments conducive to the achievement of justice. As such she a very hardworking individual, whose aim is to achieve the best and most just outcome for her clients. Gretta is a member of the Women Lawyers of Western Australia Association and The Criminal Lawyers’ Association.

Gretta Draper - Perth Criminal Lawyers - Barrister and Solicitor
Angela Babbington

Angela Babbington

Angela is the Office Manager and Personal Assistant to Curt Hofmann.

She is always willing to assist you and answer questions about the progress of your case. She is an experienced paralegal and administrator in our criminal law practice.

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